Hypervelocity Impact of Additively Manufactured A356/316L Interpenetrating Phase Composites

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French, M.R.
Yarberry, W.A. III
Pawlowski, A.E.
Shyam, A.
Splitter, D.A.
Elliott, A.M.
Carver, J.K.
Cordero, Z.C.

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University of Texas at Austin


We have examined the hypervelocity impact response of targets made from monolithic A356 and 316L stainless steel, as well as an additively manufactured A356/316L interpenetrating phase composite. 1.9 mm diameter spherical projectiles made from 2017 aluminum were fired at velocities of 5.9-6.1 km/s, allowing for the observation of multiple types of macro- and microstructural damage within each target. The macroscopic cratering damage to the A356/316L composite resembles that of the A356, but observations of both the cross section and the microstructural damage suggest that the A356/316L composite may be more resistant to spalling than A356 shielding with the same areal density.


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