A study of Texas slave plantations, 1822 to 1865




Curlee, Abigail

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The plantation system of Texas was not an isolated and separated institution; it was a part of a mode of life extending across the southern part of the United States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Nueces River, in Texas. Many inherited attitudes, customs, and methods were imported into Texas along with the system itself. The Negroes who came expected certain rights and privileges; the overseers had often been schooled on plantations of other states; the planters brought their ideas and ideals with them, all these phases suffered modification in Texas where soil required no fertilizer, where transportation was slow and difficult, where the planting sections were relatively healthful and the planter dwelt among his people the year round, and where numerous small planters shaped the character of slavery. Withal the institution was interwoven into the fabric of life in the South