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University of Texas at Austin

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University of Texas at Austin




Contents: TOAST RESPONSES AT THE DALLAS BANQUET, OCTOBER 18, 1900: The University and the State by JUDGE YANCEY LEWIS (p.329) -- The Medical Department by J. J. TERRILL (p.335) -- The University Harvest by The HON. A. B. FLANARY (p.336) -- A United University-An Indivisible Texas by WILBURP. ALLEN (p.341) -- The Alumni of The University of Texas by The HON. W. L. ESTES (p.345) -- THE AFFILIATED SCHOOLS by W. S. SUTTON (p.354) GYMNASTICS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, AND THE PURPOSE OF GYMNASTIC TRAINING IN A RATIONAL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM by FRANK HOMER CURTISS (p.354) -- MODERN MEDICAL TRAINING by DR. H.P. COOKE (p.360) -- THE UNIVERSITY: General Notes-The University Opening (p.367) -- University of Texas Day at the Dallas Fair (p.368) -- The Workshop (p.369) -- Texas Academy of Science (p.370) -- Some Recent Publications (p.371) -- A Physical Geography of Texas (p.372) -- All Saints Chapel (p.373) -- The October Quarterly of the Texas Historical Association (p.374) -- The Summer School (p.374) -- Transactions of the Texas Academy of Science (p.375) -Vaccination in the University (p.376) -- The Law Department (p.377) -- New Instructors-Pierce Butler (p.378) -- Alexander Mc-Gowan Ferguson (p.379) -- William Battle Phillips (p.380) -- Transactions of the Board of Regents (p.381) -- The Opening of the Medical Department (p.383) -- Student Interests (p.385) -- Athletics (p.391) -- ALUMNI AND EX-STUDENTS (p.395) --DIRECTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY (p.404) -- Board of Regents (p.404) -- Standing Committees of the Board (p.404) -- Faculty and Other Officers of the Main University (p.404) -- Standing Committees of the Faculty (p.406) -- Students of the Main University (p.407) -- Faculty and Other Officers of the Medical Department, Galveston (p.443) -- Students of the Medical Department, Galveston (p.444)

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