Impact of budget uncertainty on network-level pavement condition : a robust optimization approach




Al-Amin, Md

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Highway agencies usually face budget uncertainty for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation activities due to limitation in resources and changes in government policies. Highway agencies perform maintenance planning for the pavement network commonly based on the nominal available budget without taking the variability of budget into consideration. The maintenance program based on deterministic budget consideration results in suboptimal maintenance decisions that impact the overall network conditions, if the budget falls short in some future year in the planning horizon. As a result, it is important for highway agencies to adopt maintenance and rehabilitation policies that are protected against the uncertainty in maintenance and rehabilitation budget. In this study a multi-period linear integer programming model is proposed with its robust counterpart considering uncertain maintenance and rehabilitation budget. The proposed model is able to provide a maintenance and rehabilitation program for the pavement network that results in minimal impact of budget variability on the network conditions. A case study was carried out for a network of ten pavement sections. The solution of the robust optimization model was compared to those with deterministic model. The results show that the robust optimization model is an attractive method that can minimize the effect of budget uncertainty on pavement conditions at the network level.



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