Praxis, Volume 01, No. 01: Who We Are / Writing Centers Feel the Crunch

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Makau, Lynn
Schonberg, Eliana
Mendelsohn, Sue
Putnam, Diane
Garbus, Julie
Erard, Michael
Rosenberg, Judith
Colina, Haeli
Evans, Jon-Carlos
Powers, Shelley

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Contents: Writing Centers Feel the Crunch / by Lynn Makau, Eliana Schonberg, Sue Mendelsohn -- The California Crash at One Community College / by Diane Putnam -- The View of the Other Side: From Consultant to Director / by Julie Garbus -- Writing Consulting in the Wild / by Michael Erard -- Meeting Them Half Way: My Life as a Teacher, Tutor, Consultant / by Judith Rosenberg -- Into Their Own Hands: A Decidedly "Consultant" Philosophy / by Haeli Colina -- "So You're a Tutor, Right?" / by Jon-Carlos Evans -- Consulting with Technical Writers / by Shelley Powers -- Did You Know You're a Rhetorician / by Kristin Cole and Sue Mendelsohn

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