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TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Dean (p.2) -- From the Managing Editors (p.3) -- Practitioner’s Corner U.S. SENATOR RUSS FEINGOLD (p.4) -- The Second Level of Presidential Influence on the News Media: A Longitudinal Analysis of Agenda Setting by YOUNG MIN (p.9) -- Political Realism Reconsidered: U.S.-Cuba Relations by FRANK FERNÁNDEZ (p.20) -- Inequality of Development: The Dilemma of the Chinese Internet Economy by XINHUA ZHANG (p.32) -- Turkish-EU Relations and the Prospects for Turkey’s Accession by SARAH FOX OZKAN (p.43) -- The Medical Safety Net for Legal Immigrants in Texas: Challenges Posed by the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 by AMY FAUVER (p.52) -- Globalization, Women and Development: Microfinace and Factory Work in Perspective by PAULA J. MCDERMOTT (p.65) -- The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act: A Well Built Fence or Barbed Wire around the Intellectual Commons? by WARIGIA BOWMAN (p.80) -- LBJ School of Public Affairs Professional Reports and Dissertations Completed in 2000 (p.92) -- Index of Past Journal Articles (p.96) -- 2001 LBJ Journal of Public Affairs Editorial Board (p. 98)

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