Understanding Migration: Decision-Making Activity: Nicaragua

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Arsenault, Natalie
Rose, Christopher
Phillips, Jennifer Jordan
Azulay, Allegra
Meyer, Rachel
Giles, Terry

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Section 4: Case Studies for the Advocate-Decision Making Activity

Section 4 is based around an advocate/decision-making activity, or "controlled debate." Instructions and worksheets are included, along with a series of case studies designed to be used in this activity. Each case study includes two pages of essential reading, along with supplemental materials that can be used, if time allows, or can be assigned as homework. We have made a conscious effort to use as many primary document sources as possible in order to help build critical reading and interpretation skills. Case Study: Should Nicaraguans have emigrated to other countries during the turbulent years of the Sandinista-Contra upheaval? In 1979, after over four decades of the brutal Somoza dictatorship, the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front, or the Sandinistas) took control of Nicaragua, with wide support from people throughout the country. However, the country was in trouble - the economy was in ruins, food was scarce, education was weak, and medical care almost nonexistant - and the Sandinistas were soon fighting a guerilla war launched by the U.S.-backed Contras, or counter-revolutionaries. Many Nicaraguans left their country, seeking peace and stability in other nations. Students will read primary source documents to defend their position in the Advocate/Decision-Making Activity.


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