The Materials Advantage of the SLS Selective Laser Sintering Process

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Kimble, Luke L.

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The rapid prototyping market continues to progress in tenns of processes and materials used for the creation of conceptual and functional parts and prototype tooling. As this market continues to mature, the market leaders win be able to offer rapid prototyping processes and materials that provide parts which are accurate, have good surface finish, and provide properties which support fqnctional applications.. The materials used for these parts will be. polymers, metals, and ceramics. '. The strength oithe SLSTM Selective Laser Sintering Process is the. potential to use a wide variety of powdered materials for the creation of models, patterns, and some fonns of prototype tooling. ,This paper will cover the types of materials currently used in the SLS process and their inherent advantages.and discuss current research into the development of new materials.


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