Contributions in marine science volume 27 supplement

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Title: Contributions in marine science volume 27 supplement;
Migration: Mechanisms and Adaptive Significance
Author: University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Abstract: Table of Contents. Preface / (p. iii-ix) -- List of Contributors / (p. ix-xii) -- Introduction / M.A. Rankin (p. 1-4) -- Migration, Behavioral and Ecological / J.S. Kennedy, F.R.S. (p. 5-26) -- Migration and Life Histories / Hugh Dingle (p. 27-42) -- Chapter One: Plankton Migrations. Introduction / M.V. Angel, D.M. Checkley, Jr. and S.I. Heaney (p. 43-44) -- Vertical Migrations in the Oceanic Realm: Possible Causes and Probable Effects / M.V. Angel (p. 45-70) -- Experimental Approaches to the Study of Vertical Migration of Zooplankton / Mark Huntley (p. 71-90) -- Adaptive Value of Vertical Migration: Comments on the Predation Hypothesis and some Alternatives / W. Charles Kerfoot (p. 91-113) -- Comparative Mechanisms of Algal Movement in Relation to Phytoplankton Production / S.I. Heaney and C. Butterwick (p. 114-134) -- Diel Vertical Migration by Dinoflagellates: Roles of Carbohydrate Metabolism and Behavioral Flexibility / John J. Cullen (p. 135-152) -- Nutrient-induced Migrations of Blue-green Algae (Cyanobacteria) / Andrew R. Klemer (p. 153-165) -- Differential Migration of Cryptophyceae in Lake Constance / Ulrich Sommer (p. 166-176) -- A Survey of Protozoan Laboratory Temperature Studies Applied to Marine Dinoflagellate Behavior from a Field Perspective / Daniel Kamykowski (p. 176-194) -- Chapter Two: Movements of Benthic Invertebrates. Introduction / William F. Herrnkind (p. 195-196) -- Evolution and Mechanisms of Mass Single-file Migration in Spiny Lobster: Synopsis / William F. Herrnkind (p. 197-211) -- Migratory Molluscs, with Emphasis on Swimming and Orientation in the Sea Hare, Aplysia / P.V. Hamilton (p. 212-226) -- Adaptive Significance of Short-range Diel Migration Differences in a Seagrass-meadow Snail Population / C.L. Kitting (p. 227-243) -- Directional Movement in a Sea Star (Oreaster Reticulatus): Adaptive Significance and Ecological Consequences / Robert E. Scheibling (p. 244-256) -- Factors Influencing the Limits of Migratory Movements in Terrestrial Crustaceans / Thomas G. Wolcott and Donna L. Wolcott (p. 257-274) -- Chapter Three: Fish Migration. Introduction / William C. Leggett (p. 275-276) -- The Role of Migrations in the Life History Evolution of Fish (p. 277-295) -- Comparative Migratory and Reproductive Strategies of the Sympatric Anadromous Coregonine Species of James Bay / Julian J. Dodson, Yvan Lambert and Louis Bernatchez (p. 296-315) -- Oceanic Migrations of Atlantic Eels (Anguilla spp.): Adults and their Offspring / James D. McCleave and Robert C. Kleckner (p. 316-337) -- Migration and Utilization of Estuarine Nurseries by Juvenile Fishes: an Evolutionary Perspective / J.M. Miller, L.B. Crowder and M.L. Moser (p. 338-352) -- Homing and the Evolution of Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) / Thomas P. Quinn (p. 353-366) -- Chapter Four: Migration of Terrestrial Vertebrates. Introduction / William Z. Lidicker (p. 367-368) -- An Overview of Dispersal in Non-volant Small Mammals / William Z. Lidicker, Jr. (p. 369-385) -- The Evolution of Sexual Differences in Natal Dispersal: A test of Greenwod's Hypothesis (p. 386-396) -- Endocrine Influences on Natal Dispersal in Belding's Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus beldingi) / Kay E. Holekamp, H. Blair Simpson and Laura Smale (p. 397-408) -- Migration and Dispersal of Bats (Chiroptera) / M. Brock Fenton and Donald W. Thomas (p. 409-424) -- Sex-specific dynamics of Aggregation and Dispersal in Reptiles and Amphibians / A. Ross Kiester (p. 425-434) -- Seasonal Migration and Nesting Site Fidelity in the Green Iguana / Brian C. Bock, A. Stanley Rand and Gordon M. Burghardt (p. 435-443) -- Long Range Movements of Large Terrestrial Mammals / Dale M. McCullough (p. 444-465) -- Exploration and Navigation: The Foundation of Vertebrate Migration / R. Robin Baker (p. 466-480) -- Roles of the Ocean in the Early Spread of Man (Keynote Address) / T. Heyerdahl (p. 480-499) -- Chapter Five: Bird Migration. Introduction / Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr. (p. 501-502) -- The Temporal and Spatial Scales of Migration in Relation to Environmental Changes in Time and Space / Sidney A. Gauthreaux, Jr. (p. 503-515) -- Laboratory and Field Studies of Avian Migratory Orientation / Kenneth P. Able and Jeffrey D. Cherry (p. 516-525) -- Physiology and Genetics of Avian Migration / Peter Berthold (p. 526-543) -- Ontogeny of Migratory Orientation: A Look at the Pied Flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleuca / Verner P. Bingman, Willy Beck and Wolfgang Wiltschko (p. 544-552) -- Intraspecific Variation in Avian Migration: Evolutionary and Regulatory Aspects / Ellen D. Ketterson and Val Nolan Jr. (p. 553-579) -- Strategies of Migratory Flight Illustrated by Arctic and Common Terns, Sterna paradisaea and Sterna hirundo / Thomas Alerstam (p. 580-603) -- The Influence of Weather on Orientation and Numbers of Avian Migrants over Eastern Canada: A review / W. John Richardson (p. 604-617) -- Chapter Six: Insect Migration. Introduction / Hugh Dingle (p. 619-622) -- Fitness, Population Dynamics and Migration in Planthoppers: The Role of Host Plants / Robert F. Denno (p. 623-640) -- Insect Migration Strategies and Population Dynamics / Christer Solbreck (p. 641-662) -- Ecological Genetics of Wing Length, Flight Propensity, and Early Fecundity in a Migratory Insect / James O. Palmer (p. 663-673) -- Wing Polymorphism in Waterstriders (Gerridae: Hemiptera): Mechanism of Morph Determination and Fitness Differences between Morphs / Athony J. Zera (p. 674-686) -- The Adaptive Significance and Control of Migratory Behavior in the Grasshopper Melanoplus sanguinipes / M. Lynne McAnelly (p. 687-703) -- Butterfly Migration in the Boundary Layer / Thomas J. Walker (p. 704-723) -- Ecological Factors which Influence Migratory Behavior in two Butterflies of the Semi-arid Shrublands of South Texas / L.E. Gilbert (p. 724-747) -- New Perspectives on the Migration Biology of the Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus L. / Lincoln P. Brower (p. 748-786) -- Migration Strategies of Monarch Butterflies / K. Schmidt-Koenig (p. 787-799) -- Hormonally Mediated Events in Adult Monarch Butterflies / William S. Herman (p. 800-816) -- Endocrine Influences on Insect Migratory Behavior / M.A. Rankin (p. 817-841) -- Subject Index / Supplied by Contributing Authors (p. 842-868)
Department: UT Libraries
Subject: Marine biology -- Gulf Coast (U.S.) Marine biology -- Mexico, Gulf of
Date: 1985-09

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