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10 Name Writing Assignment By: Fiza Asif Introduction We all have different names that mean different things. A name is a gift that is chosen for us. It is given to us for a reason. Our names can have more than one meaning and that can explain your personality. Sometimes people want to change their names and the new one can fit more than the old one. I’m Fiza Asif, and this is everything I know about my name. Meanings Of My Name My name has many meanings in many different languages. In Urdu, my name is spelled in many ways and has different meanings, but is spelled the same way in English. The way my name is spelled in Urdu, means moonlight, bright, and brave girl. In Arabic, my name means atmosphere or space. In addition, my name means breeze in Persian, and omen in Filipino. Story Behind My Name My parents decided to give me such a unique name because they were reading information on my zodiac sign, sagittarius, and it stated that my name should start with an F. In addition, my dad was watching a movie, Fiza, that came out around the time I was born. It was about a girl named Fiza whose brother, Amaan, goes missing. She ventures off to search for him only to find that he joined a terrorist group. He is given a mission to assassinate two politicians, but when he succeeds his group turns on him and try to kill Amaan. In the end, Amaan tells her to kill him because the police are after him. My dad chose to name me after her because she was fearless and she didn’t give up. She was also very loving, as she still cared for him even after knowing all he’d been doing while he was gone. My parents wanted me to also be fearless, persistent, and loving. My Opinion On My Name In my opinion, I wouldn’t change my name because it was given to me for a reason. I think a name is what defines us and how people see us. For example, my name means bright and brave and people always say that I am always happy and courageous. That is how they see me as. If I did change my name to something else, such as Camila, or Sarah, then people would have trouble remembering and trying to see me as that name. In addition, my name is unique and very rare. Nobody in my family has the same name, and throughout my whole life I have never personally met anyone with the name Fiza. Sometimes I yearn to meet someone with the same name, to compare and contrast our personalities, likes and dislikes. However, sometimes I hope I don't meet someone with the same name because I want to be unique and I fear that I might start coming up with ways they are better than me. I also worry that I will try to be more like them and forget about who I really am. Conclusion Therefore, my name is a unique name and I wouldn’t change it. It has many meanings and they define who I am. My parents chose it because they read my zodiac sign information and were inspired by a movie. I love my name and would keep it the same and be unique in my own special way. I’m Fiza Asif, and that’s everything I know about my name. 12.27%0.00


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