• Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 1 

      University of Texas at Austin (2002)
      Table of contents: Competition and Pricing Strategies in the Online Marketplace / by Kenny Suttles (p.1-9) -- Perceptions, Attitudes, and American Public Opinion toward Skilled Asian Immigrants / by Lilly He (p.10-22) -- ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 10 

      University of Texas at Austin; Mark, Charlotte J.; Holahan, Alisa; Upstill, Ania; Zipperer, Kory; Cockroft, Andrew (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2011)
      Table of Contents: The Bower and the Garden: Feminine Landscapes in Chaucer and Shakespeare / by Charlotte J. Mark (p. 1-10) -- Charlotte Brontë's Villette: The Challenge of Autobiography for Victorian Women / by Alisa ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 11 

      University of Texas at Austin; Alexander, Travis; Cuellar, Julieta; Gluth, Christopher; Martin, Kevin; Rodriguez, Victor A.; Sur, Aakash; Velasquez, Nadia (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2012)
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 12 

      University of Texas at Austin; Alexander, Travis; Earle, Gabriel; Humphreys, Jordan; Jensen, Brittany; Mendenhall, Kathryn; Kwok, Alan; Lantz, Emily; Lau, Jenny; Liao, I-Chia; Ismail, Ammar; Wang, Ruoqing (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013)
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 13 

      University of Texas at Austin; Becker, Madison; Garza, Sylvia; Wood, Christopher; Ghraowi, Ghayde; Messamore, Andrew; Voorhis, Elise; Wight, Chris; Zhang, Shun (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2014)
      Table of Contents: Biodiversity and Taxonomic Richness of Macroalgae among Cenotes of the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula / by Madison Becker, Sylvia Garza and Christopher Wood (p.1-20) -- Vertical Vienna: Representations of ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 14 

      Parker, Jonathan; Ferguson, Lauren; McNamara, Carolyn; Pace, Aza; Harlock, Kenneth F.; Kent, Christina; Normayle, Matthew; Watts, Evan; Wang, Daniel (2015)
      Table of Contents: The Myth of Chechen Radical Islam / by Jonathan Parker (p.1-8) -- Genre and the Perception of Massacre... / by Lauren Ferguson (p.9-18) -- Sentinel of Liberty: Captain America on the Home Front in WWII ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 15 

      Haley, Patrick; Usheva, Emiliya; Clapp, Savannah; Rowsey, Lauren; Grant, Jordan; DoBoer, Kendall; McComb, Sofie; Madhavan, Subhashini; Fall, Dylan; Holley, Jo-anne; Noddings, Chari; Andrei, Anca (2016)
      Table of Contents: The Effects of Snorkel-Based Tourism on the Behavior of Reef Fishes / by Savannah Clapp, Lauren Rowsey, and Jordan Grant (p.1-18) -- People Broken Into Pieces Trying to Join: Byzantine Erotica and the ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 16 

      Mansoori, Shadhi; Williams, David; Stewart, Rochelle; Guan, Clarice; Kessenich, Marissa; Andrei, Anca; Kritzer, Mark; Hill, Andrew Haruki; Springer, Samantha; Shilling, E.; Holt, K.; Gartman, D.; Ireland, Emma (2017)
      Table of Contents: Role of Anxiety and Memory Confidence in Compulsive Checking Behaviors / by Rochelle Stewart (p.1-14) -- Relative Roles of Native Herbs and Foreign Spices in 13th-17th Century European Medicine / by ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 2 

      University of Texas at Austin (2003)
      Table of contents: Acceptable Sacrifice: Pollution at the Ashio Copper Mine / by Kathryn Turner (p.1-8) -- Human Rights and U.S. Allies after September 11th: Two Case Studies: Uzbekistan and Tajikistan / by Heidi Boutros ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 3 

      University of Texas at Austin (2004)
      Table of contents: Small-Scale Renewable Energy in Panama— Current Status, Lessons Learned, and Barriers Faced / by Corinna Kester (p.1-7) -- Changes in Presidential Public Approval Ratings at the Start of U.S. Military ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 4 

      University of Texas at Austin (2005)
      Table of contents: The Effect of Religiosity and Music on Sexual Anxiety in College Students / by Ana Lucia Hurtado (p.1-7) -- Simulation of Fluid Flow Around Rigid Bodies / by Charith C. Tangirala (p.8-19) -- BCL11A and ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 5 

      University of Texas at Austin (2006)
      Table of contents: Applicability of the Geneva Convention (III) to the Global War on Terrorism: History and Perspectives / by Ryan Kingsbury (p.1-14) -- Communal Care of Offspring in the White-faced Capuchin Monkey (Cebus ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 6 

      University of Texas at Austin (2007)
      Table of contents: The Secret Society: Descendants of Crypto-Jews in the San Antonio Area / by Amanda Lipsitt -- Putting the “Wild” back in Wildfell Hall: Animals and Animalization in the Novels of Anne Bronte / by Eric ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 7 

      University of Texas at Austin; Blaisdell, Bryan; Wallentine, Brad; Chung, Stephanie; Carson, Kristen; Dryden, John; Denbow, Jennifer (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008)
      Table of contents: Not a Theological Question: Is the River Jordan Really Dammed to Hell? / by Bryan Blaisdell (p.1-15) -- Photosynthetic Pigments of Plants in a Tropical Cloud Forest: An Example of Low Productivity and ...
    • Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 9 

      University of Texas at Austin; Bosworth, Whitney; Divakaruni, Anand; Eschenbach, Eduardo; Lewis, John; Marshall, Joe; Rodriguez, Esmeralda; Wainright, Michael (Senate of College Councils, The University of Texas at Austin, 2010)
      Table of contents: “Be All That You Can Be,” Regardless of Gender / by Whitney Bosworth (p.1-8) -- The Duke and His Justice / by Anand Divakaruni (p.9-15) -- Inhibition of HID-induced apoptosis in Spodoptera frugiperda by ...
    • Understanding DMSO/Water Interactions 

      Rajesh, Kavya; Oh, Kwang-Im; Baiz, Carlos (2017)
      Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a commonly used cosolvent in many laboratories, as it has the ability to disrupt the hydrogen bonding network of water and serve as a useful cryoprotectant for biological systems. In recent ...
    • Understanding the role of strike-slip faulting as oceans close, north central Turkey 

      Pettit, Bridget S.; Catlos, Elizabeth; Elliott, Brent (2014)
      The goal of this project is to compile and interpret remotely sensed imagery and produce maps intended to lessen hazards associated with Turkey’s North Anatolian Shear Zone (NASZ). These hazards include landslides and rock ...
    • An Unexpected Friend 

      Piyapanee, Athisha (2018)
    • The use of glucoamylase-bioconjugated nanoparticles to facilitate starch fermentation 

      Ruan, Wenly (2010-05)
      This project concerns the cloning and synthesis of an enzyme, glucoamylase, for bioconjugation to magnetic particles, which could potentially lead to a more efficient process for biofuel production. There are many methods ...
    • Using Comparative Transcriptomics to Explore the Evolution of Monogamous Behavior 

      Kar, Ranjeet (2015)
      Monogamy has evolved independently multiple times across distantly related taxa. Studying the genes governing the development and function of brain circuits supporting such social behavior can reveal important insights ...