• Effects on investor judgments from expanded disclosures of non-financial intangibles information 

    Yen, Alex Ching-Chung (2004)
    In response to evidence of an increasing disconnect between financial reporting and firm value, a number of commentators have called upon firms to expand their disclosures of intangibles information, particularly disclosures ...
  • SEC interventions and the frequency and usefulness of non-GAAP financial measures 

    Tavares Marques, Ana Cristina de Oliveira (2005)
  • Three essays in finance 

    Parsons, Christopher A. (2007-12)
    Chapter 1 develops a model advancing a new rationale for high CEO pay - the board’s incentive to signal confidence in the CEO’s capabilities. The CEO creates value for the firm by stimulating investments from various ...
  • Two essays on market behavior 

    Glushkov, Denys Vitalievich (2006)
    My dissertation consists of two essays which investigate how the reaction of market participants to aggregate and firm-specific information affects asset prices and firms’ corporate choices. The first essay studies the ...
  • Two essays on stock liquidity 

    Liu, Shuming, doctor of finance (2008-08)
    This dissertation consists of two empirical essays on investor behavior and liquidity variation. The results demonstrate the important role of investors in affecting liquidity. The first essay examines how the fluctuation ...