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  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) saxophone 

    Varner, Zachary (2015-04-28)
    "Johnny Hodges is one of the most important alto saxophonists in the history of jazz. This lecture recital explores his unique approach to the instrument, as well as his acclaimed improvisational style. The lecture will ...
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) saxophone 

    Gomez, Daniel Marcos (2013-04-23)
    "Soprano and alto saxophone reed making: an informative and instructional guide" -- Sonata in F minor / G. P. Telemann -- Sonata for alto saxophone and piano / David Diamond.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) soprano 

    Moellenhoff, Cynthia Dyre (2013-04-22)
    Lecture: Wilhelmine Schroder-Devrient, singer-actress: from Beethoven to Wagner -- Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin? Komm, Hoffnung / Ludwig van Beethoven -- Wie nahte mir der Schlummer, Leise, leise / Carl Maria von Weber ...
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) trombone 

    Stuppard, Javier-Luis A. (2012-11-26)
    Lecture: "The Puerto Rican trombone: A survey of its lineage through influential players and composers". -- Kumba-Kim / Alfonso Fuentes.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) trumpet 

    Kunkle, Nicholas (2013-04-15)
    "Gaining technical fluency in the pitch organization of pieces from the twentieth century trumpet repertoire through structural analysis" -- Trumpet concerto / Edward Gregson.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) trumpet 

    Broussard, Jared (2015-04-28)
    "Mixed trumpet trio, a historical overview and performance guide through excerpts from James Stephenson's Trio sonata for violin, trumpet and piano" -- Trio sonata for violin, trumpet and piano / James Stephenson.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) trumpet 

    Cook, Jesse P. (2013-04-09)
    Lecture: "Studying music performance anxiety: What it is, how it operates, and some potential strategies to reduce its power." -- Fanfare from Abblason / J. S,. Bach -- Rustiques / Eugene Bozza -- Caprice / Joseph Turrin.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) trumpet 

    Cooper, Joseph A. (2014-04-22)
    Lecture: "A pedagogic approach to low-range trumpet performance through selected excerpts of the orchestra repertoire."
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) tuba 

    Hightower, Matthew (2014-11-06)
    Lecture: "Re-implementing the bass tuba in wind ensemble literature" -- Hungarian march / Hector Berlioz -- Concerto for bass tuba / Ralph Vaughan Williams -- Toccata Marziale / Vaughan Williams -- Lincolnshire posy / Percy ...
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) tuba 

    Saliers, James (2012-12-05)
    Lecture: "Recruiting talent: What collegiate music teachers can learn from collegiate athletic coaches." -- Drei Romanzen, op.94 / Robert Schumann -- Etude no.31 / Vladislav Blazhevich -- Etude no. XX / Phil Snedecor -- ...
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) tuba) 

    Rom, Corey (2015-04-13)
    "The collaborative etude book"
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) violin 

    Nam, Soo Jin (2013-03-31)
    Search for different insights: Chaconne by Tomaso Antonio Vitali -- Chaconne for violin and piano in G minor, Adagio / Vitali-Hellmann -- Chaconne for violin and piano in G minor, Molto moderato / Vitali-David-Charlier.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) violin 

    Lin, Yi-Hsuan (2015-04-24)
    "Holding the violin: a brief history" -- Sonata for solo violin, op.115 / Sergey Prokofiev -- Recitativo and scherzo-caprice / Fritz Kreisler -- Variations on "God save the king", op.9 / Niccolo Paganini -- Divertimento I ...
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) violin 

    Sung, Kyoung Joo (2015-02-24)
    The romantic idiom of "Scottish fantasy" by Max Bruch -- "Scottish fantasy" for violin and orchestra, op.46 / Max Bruch.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) violoncello 

    Campbell, David (2015-05-06)
    "Synthesizing an adaptation of Simon Fischer's 'Basics' into a holistic approach to cello pedagogy" -- Kol Nidrei / Max Bruch.
  • Doctoral thesis recital (lecture) wind conducting 

    Hartenberger, Jaclyn (2013-04-15)
    "Symphonic metamorphosis of themes by Carl Maria von Weber: A revised wind ensemble transcription of Paul Hindemith's work originally transcribed by Keith Wilson" -- Symphonic metamorphosis of themes by Carl Maria von Weber ...
  • Doctoral Thesis Recital (mezzo soprano) 

    Alarcon, Amber (2012-04-14)
    Lecture: "Maurice Ravel's use of exoticism in Sheherazade and Cing melodies populaires grecques".
  • Doctoral thesis recital (mezzo-soprano) 

    Petillot, Elizabeth (2010-04-25)
    Quattro favole romanesche di Trilussa / Alfredo Casella -- Tre poesie di Angelo Poliziano / G. F. Malipiero -- Due liriche di Saffo / G. Petrassi -- Liriche su Verlaine / Bruno Maderna -- 12 canzoni piemontesi / Carlo Mosso ...
  • Doctoral thesis recital (mezzo-soprano) 

    Fernandes, Joanna T. (2010-12-03)
    Qui sedes, from Mass in b minor. Gelobet sei der Herr, mein Gott from Cantata No. 129 / J. S. Bach -- Vier Duette fur Alt und Bariton, Opus 28 / J. Brahms -- Due canti persiani / L. Cortese -- Siete canciones populares ...
  • Doctoral thesis recital (mezzo-soprano) 

    Cook, Dorea (2012-11-19)
    Ch'io mi scordi di te...Non tamer, amata bene / W. A. Mozart -- Reve d'amour, Au bord de l'eau, Reve d'amour, La rancon, Ice-bas! Chanson d'amour / Gabriel Faure -- Sieben fruhe Lieder / Alban Berg -- La bonne cuisine / ...