Evaluating Concepts for the Integration of Milled Components into the Additive Manufacturing Process




Reichwein, J.
Geis, J.
Kirchner, E.

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Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) has specific advantages over conventional manufacturing processes. These include high freedom in the design of components and cost- efficient production of small quantities. However, the surface quality of components is low compared to milling and the production of large components is often associated with high costs. These challenges are addressed by integrating milled components into the L-PBF process. Therefore, various concepts are presented for positioning, aligning, and fastening machined components in the build space of the L-PBF system with the goal to provide a reliable way to start the L-PBF process on top of these components. Thus, allowing the potential of additive and subtractive manufacturing to be exploited without requiring an additional joining operation. Finally, these concepts are applied to a steering shaft bracket and the costs for manufacturing are evaluated. A 25% reduction in manufacturing costs was achieved compared to the purely additively manufactured component.


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