Embedding Fiber Optic Sensors in Metal Components via Direct Energy Deposition

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Snider, Elias B.
Saha, Rony Kumer
Dominguez, Cesar
Huang, Jie
Bristow, Douglas A.

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University of Texas at Austin


Fiber optics are useful as strain and temperature sensors in a variety of applications involving high-value parts. Embedding fiber optic sensors into end-use parts can allow for realtime strain and temperature monitoring of these parts in extreme conditions. Direct energy deposition processes have distinct advantages for producing parts in high-value embedded sensing applications, however, ensuring survival of the optical fiber during embedment is challenging. A method of fiber embedment using high-temperature ceramic adhesives is presented as a flexible method of embedding fiber optic sensors into end-use parts such as to preserve fiber transmission and sensor integrity. Example specimens are presented, and functionality of sensing capabilities is demonstrated.


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