Analysis and synthesis of bipedal humanoid movement : a physical simulation approach




Cooper, Joseph L., 1980-

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Advances in graphics and robotics have increased the importance of tools for synthesizing humanoid movements to control animated characters and physical robots. There is also an increasing need for analyzing human movements for clinical diagnosis and rehabilitation. Existing tools can be expensive, inefficient, or difficult to use. Using simulated physics and motion capture to develop an interactive virtual reality environment, we capture natural human movements in response to controlled stimuli. This research then applies insights into the mathematics underlying physics simulation to adapt the physics solver to support many important tasks involved in analyzing and synthesizing humanoid movement. These tasks include fitting an articulated physical model to motion capture data, modifying the model pose to achieve a desired configuration (inverse kinematics), inferring internal torques consistent with changing pose data (inverse dynamics), and transferring a movement from one model to another model (retargeting). The result is a powerful and intuitive process for analyzing and synthesizing movement in a single unified framework.



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