Visual Kerogen and Vitrinite Reflectance Analyses of the Pleasant Bayou No. 1 Well, Brazoria Co., Texas

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Schwab, Karl W.

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Based on the visual kerogen analyses, the Pleasant Bayou No. 1 Well can be subdivided into six (6) zones and nine (9) sub-zones.

The stratigraphic section ranges from Immature at 2,394 feet to Marginally Mature at 16,500 feet.

From 2,894 to 5,360 feet, the organic matter suite is primarily an amorphous, spore-pollen assemblage with secondary amounts of vitrinite. Below 5,000 feet, the kerogenaceous debris is generally a vitrinite, plant tissue, spore-pollen mixture with very little amorphous debris.

Loss-of-circulation material, indicating drilling problems, is particularly abundant in cutting samples from 9,740 to 10,820 feet.

There is a significant "jump" in the thermal maturation index (T.A.I.) at the T-3 seismic horizon between 11,180 and 11,600 feet.

As a result of the overall thermal immaturity and due to only fair quality organic matter, one can expect non-commercial accumulations of biogenic methane and/or wet gas.


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