Mechanical Properties Evaluation of a Ti-6Al-4V Thin-Wall Structure Produced by a Hybrid Manufacturing Process

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Yan, Lei
Cui, Wenyuan
Newkirk, Joseph W.
Liou, Frank
Thomas, Eric E.
Baker, Andrew H.
Castle, James B.

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University of Texas at Austin


The hybrid manufacturing (HM) process combines the precision of computer numerical control (CNC) and the freeform capability of additive manufacturing to expand the versatility of advanced manufacturing. The intent of this paper is to explore the relationship between HM processing parameters and mechanical properties of the final parts manufactured by one type of HM process that combines laser metal deposition (LMD) and CNC milling. The design of experiment (DOE) is implemented to explore the Ti-6Al-4V thin-wall structure fabrication process with different HM build strategies. Vickers hardness, tensile test, and microstructure analyses are conducted to evaluate the mechanical property variance within the final parts fabricated according to the DOE matrix. Finally, a prediction model of yield strength at 0.2% offset for Ti-6Al-4V parts built through the aforementioned HM process was obtained by an analysis of variance (ANOVA) test, which revealed the significant factors are build height within each LMD process, laser energy input, and the interaction of build height within each LMD process to the preheating condition.


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