The impact of one-to-one laptop initiatives on K-12 math and science pedagogy and achievement : a literature review




Maxwell, Amy Leigh

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The use of computers in education has evolved over the past thirty years and provided a new platform for teaching and learning. The student to computer ratio rapidly decreased during the 1990s and increased access to wireless Internet connections and portable devices at the beginning of the 21st century prompted more and more schools to provide each student with a laptop computer. The purpose of this report is to provide a review of literature that evaluates how one-to-one laptop initiatives support student- centered pedagogy and impacts achievement in K-12 math and science classrooms. More specifically, this review examines how the frequency of laptop use and the specific programs and applications that are used in math and science can support student-centered learning and affect achievement. The results of the literature review provide insight as to what educators can expect when each student has a laptop.



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