Effect of Thermal Aging in the Fatigue Life of Hot Isostatic Pressed AlSi10Mg Fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion




Nabil, S. T.
Arrieta, E.
Wicker, R. B.
Benedict, M.
Medina, F.

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AlSi10Mg is a widely used material in the aerospace industry. Extended exposure to elevated temperatures can have a detrimental effect on it. In this work, multiple AlSi10Mg horizontal bars and vertical rods were fabricated using an L-PBF system. Following ASTM F3318-18, the material blanks were HIPed (Hot Isostatic Pressed). Emulating service temperatures, these blanks were aged at 177°C for 10, 100, and 1000h. Fatigue test specimens were machined down from the aged blanks. The machined specimens were subjected to a force-controlled fatigue test as per ASTM E466-15 with two stress levels: one within the elastic range (62MPa) of the material and another close to UTS (124MPa). The results indicated that even aging for 10h can dramatically reduce the fatigue life of the alloy. The work concludes with discussion on the reduction of fatigue life and visible progressive change in the ductility of the alloy with respect to the aging time.


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