4D Printing Method Based on the Composites with Embedded Continuous Fibers

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Wang, Qinguri
Tian, Xiaoyong
Huang, Lan

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University of Texas at Austin


Most of the current 4D printing technologies have the following defects: 1) the deformation shape is simple; 2) the deforming precision is poor; 3) the deformation process is always uncontinuous. In this study, a new 4D printing process based on the composites with embedded continuous fibers is proposed. In this process, a bilayer structure consisting of the top layer of continuous fibers and the bottom layer with resin is 3D printed. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus of the top and bottom layers, the structure will produce bending deformation when the temperature changes. It is found that the curvature value and the curvature direction of the composite structure can be precisely controlled by the angle of the intersecting fibers. The influence of fiber trajectory on curvature is studied, and then, the controllable deformation of any developable surface is achieved.


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