Analysis of Layer Arrangements of Aesthetic Dentures as a Basis for Introducing Additive Manufacturing

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Pitz, K.
Anderl, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


Aesthetic dentures are highly individual products, needing to adapt to the patient’s natural dentition in both color and shape. In general, dentures are geometrically complex structures, consisting of several layers of different materials, which are applied consecutively. This is why efforts are being made to introduce additive manufacturing into the production process of aesthetic dentures which is to date largely based on manual work of skilled professionals. In order to successfully apply additive manufacturing accurate models of the denture to be produced are essential. In this paper the layer arrangements of dental crowns from real patient cases are analyzed. Different approaches, based on normal vectors, cylindrical coordinates, spherical coordinates and paraxial rays, are compared to each other. The emphasis of this comparison lies on transferring layering strategies from analyzed patient cases to future patient cases where the geometry might be slightly different but a similar optical impression is desired. The most suitable approach for this purpose has been identified, implemented and tested.


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