High performance wireless bio-impedance measurement system

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Le, Kelvin

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

A high performance, wireless bio-impedance measurement system has been designed for the purpose of monitoring essential electrical properties of the heart during cardiac ablation. The system is broken into three parts: a spring-loaded device to house a tetrapolar surface probe and sensors, a wireless bio-impedance measurement system, and a desktop base station for graphical data display and acquisition. The system is specifically designed for a tetrapolar-electrode configuration where the two outer electrodes served as a current source operating at 20 kHz with an amplitude of 100 µArms and the two inner electrodes served as voltage sensing electrodes. In addition, the system also has a dedicated channel for current sense. The system is designed to be modular and reconfigurable for different measurement needs. Epochs of both discrete voltage and current samples generated by the voltage-controlled current source are processed using a digital signal processing algorithms to generate admittance measurements. In addition to the admittance’s magnitude and phase, pressure, electrocardiogram (EKG), and temperature (two channels) data are also acquired. The measurements are then wirelessly transmitted from the bio-impedance measurement system to a base station where data are processed and viewed graphically. The final system updates the admittance, pressure, EKG, and two temperature channels at 320 Hz, consumes less than 3 W, and has percent of measurement errors of 7 % and 2 % for capacitive and resistive measurements in the range of 100 pF to 10000 pF and 300 Ω to 1600 Ω, respectively. Instrument design, calibration, verification, and modeling are at the heart of this thesis. In the future, the instrument will be deployed for various bio-impedance measurements that require a high degree of linearity, precision, and a wide input range.



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