A Mexican case study for world water online

Espinoza Dávalos, Gonzalo Enrique
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World Water Online is a global system of hydrologic data. It is an integration of geospatial and temporal information across spatial scales: global, national, regional and local. This global water information system has no parallel, and its scope would be extended with the active participation of the global water community. Its consolidation depends on the accessibility of countries’ databases through the system. In this study, a test case using Mexican data within World Water Online is created, applying the CUAHSI framework, web services and standards. The resulting Mexican-HIS unifies the water information for the nation regardless of data provider, improving storage practices and allowing additional querying and retrieving functionalities: World Water Online is a source of information and also a supplier of web-based processing services. In the second part of this study, a precipitation-runoff analysis using the data in the system is performed.