Modeling the Electrical Submersible Jet Pump Producing High Gas-Liquid-Ratio Petroleum Wells

Moreira de Carvalho, Paulo
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The objective of this work is to present the concept of the Electrical Submersible Jet Pump (ESJP). It is a ne\v artificial-lift method for application in the petroleum production industry. This proposed artificial-lift method uses an electrical submersible multistage centrifugal pump in combination with a jet pump installed in the wellbore along the tubing string. Such a method is proposed to allow production of high gas-liquid-ratio petroleum wells using the existing electrical submersible pump technology. While applicable to any petroleum well, the driving force and main motivation for the development of this new technology is deep off shore petroleum production. In this work, also presented is a numerical model developed to simulate the operation of the system. In such a model, the system is analyzed as three coupled subsystems: the electrical submersible pump (ESP), the low gas-liquid-ratio (GLR) multiphase flow in the tubing string, and finally the flow inside the jet pump (JP). Both individual models used for the ESP performance and the multiphase flow inside the tubing string are available in the literature. In this dissertation is presented the modeling of the multiphase flow of fluids inside the liquid-jet gas pump (LJGP), which was developed based on the simultaneous solution of the mass, momentum, and energy conservation equations. A scaled model of the jet pump was manufactured of transparent material in order to allow visualization of the flow inside the jet pump throat and diffuser. A series of video recording were made of the multiphase flow inside the jet pump for some basic tests, which are available in a companion CDROM. Also, an extensive experimental work was developed in the test well at the production laboratory. A prototype of the system was installed and tested for various operating conditions. The results are presented in the dissertation body.