Texas Ranger, December 1963




University of Texas at Austin

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Texas Student Publications, Inc.



Table of Contents: The Great Purge Revisited: An interesting chapter from the Crimestopper’s Notebook (p. 10) – Science Marches On, More or Less: A tale of Spanish flies and mosquitoes (p. 13) – Lord of the Pies: All that glitters in not Golding (p. 14) – Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Although not much (p. 16) – Special Fun and Games Section—GOM: Angie Martinez, A tennis player who specialized in love games (p.17) – Death and Taxis: A good example of hack writing (p. 20) – The Old Hairy Crossword: Our censors had to work it; why don’t you? (p. 23) – Beer Can Be Fun: A study in churchey-manship (p. 24) – Fun-and-gamey Poems: They’re lots of fun if you’re game (p. 27) – The Adventures of Hairy Ranger: Hairy’s back in the saddle again (p. 28) – Let’s Test Your Fun Quotient: Find out why nobody invites you to parties (p. 30)

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