Geothermal Resource Assessment for the State of Texas: Text

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Woodruff, Jr., C. M.

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This report consists of a two-part text and eight appendices that present the status of research on hydrothermal/geothermal resources in Texas as of November 1980.

The first part of the report presents data pertaining to wells and thermal aquifers, while the second part discusses our research on lineaments as perceived on Landsat imagery.

The appendices include:

(A) A folio of county maps showing locations of well data across the state; (B) A computerized tabulation of the wells depicted; (C) An explanation of our computer coding procedures; (D) A selected bibliography on heat flow and geothermics; (E) A folio of maps showing lineaments perceived across the state; (F) An index and critique of the Landsat images used in perceiving the lineaments; (G) A selected bibliography on lineaments; and (H) A discussion of area-specific assessments of geothermal resources near military bases in Bexar, Travis, and Val Verde Counties.


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