Why is Gay not Okay?




Curl, Brandon James

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This project won second place in the 2019 Signature Course Information Literacy Award. The award recognizes exemplary student work that achieves the learning outcomes of the Signature Course information literacy requirement, that students will be able to create and execute a research strategy, critically evaluate information, and navigate the scholarly conversation. The paper was nominated by Arturo De Lozanne from the Department of Molecular Biosciences after it was submitted in his Fall 2019 Signature Course “Originality in the Arts and Sciences.” The project was chosen because of its interesting search strategy in which the author chased down something that struck his interest. This paper also used and synthesized of a varied set of sources. Dr. De Lozanne supported this project by saying "Brandon's paper successfully presents a complex and compelling comparison of two Texas universities' attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ population within their student body. Brandon went the extra mile to not only understand the legal details necessary to make his argument, but he also took care to equally address the emotional impact and social implications of these differing policies”

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