Developing Additively Manufactured Iron Powder-filled PLA Composites

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University of Texas at Austin


The Low-Cost Metal Material Extrusion (LCMMEX) process has gained attention in recent years to produce metallic parts with complex designs. High Iron concentration composite materials have been extensively researched to improve their properties and functionality for advanced manufacturing applications. This study aims to develop knowledge blocks for producing composite parts with high iron percentages and analyze their physical properties based on print parameters. A rectangular sample is manufactured using the Material Extrusion (MEX) process, with variations in layer height, infill density, and print speed. The investigation shows that a number of parameters affects the change in surface roughness, weight, and dimensional accuracy of the printed parts. Furthermore, an increase in the infill percentage leads to a significant increase in magnetic flux. This research study provides insights into the influence of print parameters on the properties of high-iron-filled composite parts, ideal for high-density applications.


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