Step and flash imprint lithography

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Carlton Willson
Matthew E. Colburn

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A method of forming a relief image in a structure comprising a substrate and a transfer layer formed thereon comprises covering the transfer layer with a polymerizable fluid composition, and then contacting the polymerizable fluid composition with a mold having a relief structure formed therein such that the polymerizable fluid composition fills the relief structure in the mold. The polymerizable fluid composition is subjected to conditions to polymerize polymerizable fluid composition and form a solidified polymeric material therefrom on the transfer layer. The mold is then separated from the solid polymeric material such that a replica of the relief structure in the mold is formed in the solidified polymeric material; and the transfer layer and the solidified polymeric material are subjected to an environment to selectively etch the transfer layer relative to the solidified polymeric material such that a relief image is formed in the transfer layer.



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