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Holl, Steven

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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: Maison de verre (Pierre Chereau, 1928-1931) (Paris, France) ; Johnson Wax Administration Building (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1936-1939) (Racine, Wisconsin) ; Saint Peter's Church (Sigurd Lewerentz, 1963-1966) (Klippan, Sweden) ; Hybrid Building (Steven Holl Architects, 1984-1988) (Seaside, Florida) ; Pace Collection Showroom (Steven Holl Architects, 1985) (New York, New York) ; Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek (Steven Holl Architects, 1988) (Berlin, Germany) ; Cleveland House (Steven Holl Architects, 1988) (Cleveland, Ohio) ; Oxnard House (Steven Holl Architects, 1988) (Oxnard, California) ; Edge of a City: Erie Canal Houses (Steven Holl Architects, 1989-1990) (Rochester, New York) ; Edge of a City: Stitch Plan (Steven Holl Architects, 1989-1990) (Cleveland, Ohio) ; Edge of a City: Spatial Retaining Bars (Steven Holl Architects, 1989-1990) (Phoenix, Arizona) ; Edge of a City: Parallax Towers (Steven Holl Architects, 1989-1990) (New York, New York) ; Void Space/Hinged Space Housing (Steven Holl Architects, 1989-1991) (Fukuoka, Japan) ; Stretto House (Steven Holl Architects, 1989-1991) (Dallas, Texas) ; Palazzo del Cinema (Steven Holl Architects, 1990) (Venice, Italy)

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