The disposition of political proposals by the various Pan American Conferences, 1889-1928

Casey, Clifford B., 1897-
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The Pan American Conferences, as the International Conferences of American States are more generally known, have not confined their deliberations to any one restricted field of interest, but rather, have comprehended the entire range of American international relations--social, economic, cultural, scientific, legal, and political. In this study, research, for the most part, has been confined to one phase of the activities of the conferences. Examination has been made of the outstanding political proposals which have appeared before the various conferences, and an attempt has been made to trace these proposals as they have been disposed of by the respective conferences. The chief purpose of the study has been to ascertain the disposition made of the various political proposals and to determine the results of the appearance and disposition of such proposals upon the movement toward American cooperation. Investigation has been confined to those political proposals which relate to the following: the status of the Pan American Union; the preservation of peace through amicable means of settling American international disputes; the adjustment of international claims; the intervention by one state in the affairs of another; the so-called right of conquest; and the limitation of expenditures for military and naval purposes. In limiting the investigation to the abovementioned proposals, the term political has been construed to restrict or to confine the scope of the study to those proposals which pertain to the administration of the public policy of a state, particularly in its relations with other states