Role of In-situ Monitoring Technique for Digital Twin Development using Direct Energy Deposition: Melt Pool Dynamics and Thermal Distribution

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Wu, Sung-Heng
Joy, Ranjit
Tariq, Usman
Mahmood, Muhammad Arif
Liou, Frank

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University of Texas at Austin


Direct energy deposition (DED) is a promising additive manufacturing technique that enables the fabrication of complex structures with excellent mechanical properties. The quality of the final product depends on several parameters, including melt pool dynamics and thermal distribution. For process monitoring and continuous improvement of digital twins, in-situ monitoring allows real-time tracking of these parameters, providing valuable data for process optimization. However, existing monitoring methods are limited in their accuracy due to emissivity issues. To address this challenge, an in-house visible spectrum camera has been proposed for real-time process monitoring via dual-wavelength technique. Based on the analyses, the area and thermal distribution inside the melt pool can be estimated accurately. The data from the camera can be integrated into a digital twin’s continuous improvement, providing efficiency, and reducing the manufacturing cost.


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