New themed attraction for the theme park industry-western/equestrian production show

Levin, Darren Eric
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This thesis explores creation of new themed entertainment attractions for the Theme Park Industry. The creative process of new work, centering on the devising, designing, and preproduction stages of this industry and theatre is the focus of this thesis. The product is an Equestrian/Western Production Show including live vocalists, recorded music, lighting, scenic design, and costume design. The extending goal is to begin to prepare documents for a pitch proposal to a major Theme Park/Themed Entertainment Corporation for inclusion in their Western themed entertainment offerings. This themed entertainment attraction is created to introduce people to historical Rodeo and Western Variety show traditions and spectacles. Honoring these traditions and forms of entertainment provides thrilling visual experiences for the audience. Research, development, and show content focus upon historical and present day western shows. Production concepts outlined include the show concept, soundtrack, script, lighting design, scenic design, sound design and costume design. Central to the creation of the production show is the script and full sound design which are included as a part of this thesis. Scenic Design renderings, ground plan and centerline section illustrate the layout of the performance space. Lighting research images, storyboards, renderings, plot and centerline section illustrate the further visual composition. Costume elements are presented through research morgues broken down by character, act, and clothing look.