Scrap : a multi-scale approach to media design and programming workflows

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Cobb, Jackson Daniel McFall

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Theatre-makers are scrappy. They are intimately familiar with what it takes to put on a show with few resources, establishing practices that create impactful performances at every scale. Within that community, designers and technicians are creative problem solvers. The ability to use the tools of their practice to solve every production’s unique problems is their superpower. As a media designer and programmer active in the field, scrap has shaped Jackson’s practice. Their thesis explores how a mindset centering scrap benefits the production process at all scales, not just small-scale or low-budget work. Through the lens of their practice, they examine how a nimble and responsive approach translates in different spaces and how their experience as a designer impacts their approach as a programmer. This begins with a reflection on the path Jackson took to get to this stage of their career, having conducted research in the form of productions and conversations with industry professionals. Jackson presents three case studies highlighting different scales of production, analyzing how a “scrap” mindset has informed the relationship between media design and media programming in their artistic practice. Through this analysis, they highlight lessons they plan to implement going forward in their practice as a designer and programmer, centering a scrappy, nimble approach to media design and technology that can support productions of any scale.


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