University of Texas excavations at Metaponto, 1978

Institute of Classical Archaeology
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University of Texas at Austin

This annual report provides information about the excavations in the territory of Metaponto carried out by the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Texas at Austin. These excavations are of great importance because they revealed a large amount of previously unknown evidence for rural life in the chora of Metaponto. The report describes the excavation of a 6th century BC sanctuary at Incoronata; the excavation of several ceramic deposits at Incoronata that contained large quantities of Greek and colonial Greek geometric pottery of the 8th and 7th century BC; the excavation of a Greek house on the South coast of Italy (Incoronata); the excavation of a sanctuary at Pizzica-Pantanello; the excavation of a spring-house/reservoir at Pizzica; and the excavation of Fattoria Stefan, a Greek farmhouse in the territory of the ancient city of Metaponto.

Carter, J.C. 1978. University of Texas Excavations at Metaponto, 1978. Austin: Institute of Classical Archaeology.