Process Mapping of Inconel 625 in Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing

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Montgomery, Colt
Beuth, Jack
Sheridan, Luke
Klingbeil, Nathan

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University of Texas at Austin


Understanding laser powder bed additive manufacturing of nickel superalloys is important for the widespread adoption of the technology. To promote adoption, melt pool geometry as well as microstructure prediction and control must be thoroughly understood. In this research Inconel 625 is investigated to determine optimal regions of processing space within the laser powder bed operating range. Single bead and pad geometries are investigated along with solidification microstructure and defects by utilizing a process mapping approach. The effect of powder addition on the process is also examined. Results from models are compared with experimental results to verify modeling techniques. Insights are gathered by comparing these results to those of other alloy systems in the laser powder bed operating space.


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