Gas Condensate Well Test Analysis




Jahanbakhsh, Amir

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The main objective of this work was to use a compositional simulation to better understand and analyze the well test data of gas condensate reservoirs. The focus of the research was on accurately interpreting the well test data for a gas condensate well applying the pseudo-pressure transient method. Single- or multi-phase analysis based on pseudo-pressure function has been used to analyze well test data. Both methods rely on the availability of producing gas-oil ratio data. Compositional simulation can be used in conjunction with the unusual phenomena in gas condensate reservoirs such as non-Darcy effect and dependence of relative permeability on flow velocity and interfacial tension to generate synthetic bottom hole pressure data for a build up test. The synthetic pressure data are analyzed by using the multi-phase pseudo-pressure method. The method was tested for a single layer gas condensate reservoir and found to give reasonable results.


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