Method for a Software-Based Design Check of Additively Manufactured Components

Tominski, J.
Lammers, S.
Wulf, C.
Zimmer, D.
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University of Texas at Austin

Additive manufacturing offers the potential to produce complex structures such as topology-optimized components or lattice structures. However, even these numerically generated structures are subject to manufacturing restrictions. Therefore, compliance with design rules has to be checked to ensure a robust production. For complex structures, this check requires a great effort. Hence, a method for a software-based design check that automatically verifies the compliance with design rules of complex structures has to be developed. Within the framework of the developed method, the frequently used STL format which is usually applied during preparation of the manufacturing process, is used. This format approximates components using triangles. By systematically linking these triangles, geometrical attributes of components which are relevant for a controlled manufacturing can be identified. Comparing these attributes to a database containing attribute limits of divergent manufacturing conditions allows a design check regarding robust manufacturing processes.