A comparative examination of Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy System Strategies




Cantrell, Jonathan Luke

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As interests and investments in low carbon energy resources continue to rise, more attention is being drawn to the challenges associated with high penetrations of intermittent renewable energy resources. Hybrid energy systems, usually consisting of at least one renewable resource and a form of storage, have arisen as possible solutions to some of these challenges. Capitalizing on its high energy production, dispatchability, and low carbon output, nuclear could potentially augment, or even play a primary role, in these hybrid systems as well. Generally referred to as Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy systems (N-R HESs), such systems may significantly mitigate the challenges of intermittent resources, while still enjoying benefits from both nuclear and renewable power generation. This report aims to examine the technical, economic, and policy characteristics of various proposed N-R HES. The features, performance, and applications of these systems will be compared to determine overall viability within a renewables-rich energy mix.


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