Blackface: History and Implications on Black Health



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This paper follows the timeline of Blackface from Vaudeville theater to modern day. Through the media's use of negative stereotypes, Black Americans have been affected within the healthcare system both on the side of the patient and the healthcare proivder.

This project won second place in the 2023 Signature Course Information Literacy Award (awarded for work completed in 2023). The award recognizes exemplary student work that achieves the learning outcomes of the Signature Course information literacy requirement, that students will be able to create and execute a research strategy, critically evaluate information, and navigate the scholarly conversation. Courtney Adams was nominated by Dr. Christy Erving for her paper ““Blackface: History and Implications on Black Health.” from UGS 302: Black Health Matters. Dr. Erving said of her paper " [her} topic was somewhat unconventional, as Courtney explored the linkages between historical blackface practices and their relevance for the health/health care experiences of Black American in contemporary U.S. society. Though I was initially concerned about her chosen topic and whether she would be able to 1) locate relevant academic sources, 2) integrate them together seamlessly, and 3) make a cogent argument, she exceeded expectation on all three dimensions."


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