Texas Familes in Transition/Surviving Without TANF: An Analysis of Families Diverted From or Leaving TANF




Schexnayder, Deanna T.
Schroeder, Daniel G.
Lein, Laura
Dominguez, David
Douglas, Karen
Richards, Freddie

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, The University of Texas at Austin; and the Center for Innovative Projects for Economic Development, Prairie View A&M University


In the post-welfare-reform era, many states have begun conducting research to determine how the new policies affect the families they serve. In particular, states need to understand if former welfare recipients are employed or receiving other types of economic supports, how many have returned to welfare, and reasons for families’ success or failure. This report examines research questions for two populations of low-income families: those diverted from TANF prior to enrollment and those who have left TANF. Among ‘diverted’ families, three types are being studied: families redirected prior to TANF application, those denied TANF for non-financial reasons, and approved TANF applicants opting to receive a one-time payment in lieu of TANF benefits.


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