Research Reports from the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project, Volume Five

Houk, Brett A.
Valdez, Fred Jr
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University of Texas at Austin

Table of Contents : Programme for Belize Archaeological Project: Activities from the 2010 Investigations / by Fred Valdez, Jr. and Brett A. Houk (p.1-6) -- Structure 26 Excavations, La Milpa, 2010 / by Gregory Zaro, Brett A. Houk, Shannon M. Smith, Chelsey Shockley, and Catherine Joseph (p.7-24) -- Results of the 2010 Excavations at Courtyard 100, La Milpa, Belize / by Lindsey R. Moats and Jacob R. Nanney (p.25-38) -- Investigating Monumental Architecture at La Milpa: The 2010 Season / by Debora Trein (p.39-68) -- Examination of Two Extended Elite Lineages: The 2010 La Milpa Archaeological Field Season / by Brandon S. Lewis and Yoav Me-Bar (p.67-92) -- Ritual and Crafting at an Intermediate Elite Residential Group: Evidence from the 2010 Archaeological Excavations at Operation LM4 / by Deanna M. Riddick (p.93-108) -- The 2010 Survey and Excavation at La Milpa North / by Eric J. Heller (p.109-122) -- Hun Tun Archaeology: Report of the 2010 Field Season at RB 70 / by Robyn L. Dodge (p.123-132) -- Overview of Excavations at Group B, Hun Tun, Belize / by Nick Arndt (p.133-142) -- Research at La Milpa East (RB LME) and the Aguada Lagunita Elusiva (RB Lagunita): The 2010 Season / by Estella Weiss-Krejci and Michael Brandl (p.143-170) -- Research Results of the 2010 Field Season: Excavations at Groups A and D of the Medicinal Trail Site / by David M. Hyde and Rhiana D. Casias (p.171-180) -- Tree Species Composition at Medicinal Trail, Group A / by Nicholas Brokaw and Sheila Ward (p.181-182) -- Summary of the Excavation and Preliminary Analysis of Burial 5 at Group A of the Medicinal Trail Site / by Stacy Drake (p.183-190) -- Report of Excavations at the Medicinal Trail Site: Structure A-3 / by Catherine Sword (p.191-200) -- Phase 2 Research at Wari Camp (RB 56): Summer 2010 / by Laura J. Levi (p.201-210) -- Synopsis of the 2009-2010 Seasons of the Mount Allison University Archaeological Program in Northwest Belize / by Grant R. Aylesworth and Brent D. Suttie (p.211-228) -- Preliminary Report on the 2010 Activities of the Mount Allison University Archaeological Field School in Belize / by Grant R. Aylesworth, Brent D. Suttie, Bruce Templeton, Ashley Brzezicki, William J. Webb, and A. William McGrath (p.229-234) -- Summary Report for Investigations at the Site of dos Hombres and the Surrounding Settlement, Summer 2010 / by Rissa M. Trachman, Kirby Farah, Thomas Ewing, and Jana Murdock (p.235-242) -- Dos Hombres to Gran Cacao Settlement Survey Project: 2010 Field Season / by Marisol Cortes-Rincon (p.243-250) -- Overview of Recent Ballcourt Complex Investigations at Chawak But’o’Ob, Belize / by Stanley Walling (p.251-262) -- PfBAP 2007-2010 Analysis of Obsidian, Select Operations: La Milpa Group B (Op B1), La Milpa Los Pisos COurtyard (Op A2), and Medicinal Trail (Ops 7 and 12) / by Rissa M. Trachman (p.263)