MATLAB® based modeling of FinFET

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Hussain, Muhammad Mustafa

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A MATLAB® based script has been coded to provide an efficient and cost effective aid to new technology development, FinFET design and optimization. Plugging in values of height, width and length analyzes the device almost precisely. Since, this is economical, efficient, completely repeatable and fast in generating output it can substitute use of expensive TCAD tools. Also the results let the users to scrutinize into the insight physics of the device studied. Threshold voltage roll-off is an exponential function of the ratio of effective channel length to drain potential decay length, which can be expressed as a function of the fin thickness, the fin height and the gate oxide thickness. Therefore, as a test case, based on the 3-D analytical electrostatic potential in the subthreshold region, the threshold voltage (Vth) roll-off has been estimated by considering the source barrier changes in the most leaky channel path. Finally, this thesis will let its users to look in depth of future generation MOSFET: FinFET.


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