Design and Development of a Dual-Actuator Mixed-Mode Interaction Tester

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Gandhi, Vatsa

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A dual-actuator system is designed and developed to test mixed-mode fracture of laminated beams. Material and geometric properties of silicon/epoxy interface was used to develop a failure envelope of energy release rates with respect to mode-mix. This failure envelope was then used to determine the critical moment, and load envelope. Beam theory analysis in and critical loads were used to obtain a failure envelope for displacements and end rotations. Failure envelopes were validated using finite element analysis in ABAQUS. Given critical load and displacement envelopes, load cells and actuators were selected and a loading device was manufactured. Labview was used to communicate with the actuator and to synchronize data acquisition of actuators, cameras, and load cells. Primary tests were conducted for polystyrene/PDMS interface under mode I loading conditions. Critical envelopes were validated experimentally and load-displacement curves were analyzed.


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