Worksheets for Teach Yourself Hindi

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Snell, Rupert
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Hindi-Urdu Flagship
These worksheets are designed to complement the second edition of Teach Yourself Hindi (2000), units 1–15. They can be used simply as additional exercise or homework material when working through the units; but they have been designed primarily for revision work, and are best done some time after the particular unit has been completed. For example, an ideal time to do the worksheet for Unit 6 would be after completing Unit 7. Each worksheet ranges fairly freely over the grammar of the unit. Any vocabulary that hasn’t appeared before will be found in the Glossary at the end of the book. A very good way of coming to grips with new grammar is for the learner to try to analyse and explain it for his or herself: the student becomes the teacher. With this in view, several exercises involve identifying the grammatical construction of given sentences. It’s a good idea to translate all the Hindi sentences, even when not specifically asked to do so in a particular exercise.