Beneficial effects of supra high-intensity interval training in police officers




Dulsky, Cameron Clarke

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The job environment of a police officer involves unusually high physical and mental stressors paired with hours of prolonged sedentary behavior. The availability of officers to engage in traditional regularly-scheduled exercises is generally restricted by irregular shift hours. Therefore, supra high-intensity interval training (supra HIIT) may be a viable training option as it elicits physical and mental health benefits and can be completed in less than five minutes. PURPOSE: To evaluate the effectiveness of a supra HIIT program on cardiometabolic risk factors, physical fitness, and mental health in police officers. METHODS: Twenty-two apparently healthy police officers (37±8 years) performed 4-minute supra-intensity workouts that did not require any equipment at least 3 times per week over 9 weeks. RESULTS: An average of 4±1 supra HIIT workouts was completed per week. Program assessment questions resulted in an overall program satisfaction level of 8.6 on a scale of 1-10 with very high enjoyment (94%) among the participants. Following the intervention, body fat percentage and fat mass decreased (p=0.003 and 0.028) and muscle mass increased (p=0.002). Arterial stiffness and total cholesterol concentration decreased (p<0.05). Maximal oxygen consumption increased (p=0.010). Wingate anaerobic power and mental and physical health did not change significantly. CONCLUSION: A supra HIIT program was highly satisfactory and enjoyable to police officers and was accompanied by a number of favorable effects on body composition, aerobic fitness, and arterial stiffness.


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