Modeling Natural Hazards Engineering Data to Cyberinfrastructure




Esteva, Maria
Brandenberg, Scott, J.
Eslami, Mohammad, M.
Adair, Ashley
Kulasekaran, Sivakumar, A.

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DesignSafe-CI is an end-to-end data lifecycle management, analysis, and publication cloud platform for natural hazards engineering. To facilitate ongoing data curation and sharing in a cloud environment that is intuitive to the end users, developers and curators teamed with experts in the different hazards to design data models and vocabularies that map their research workflows and domain terminology. The experimental data models - six - emphasize provenance through relationships between research processes, data and their documentation, and highlight commonalities between experiment types. They mediate between the user interface and the repository layers of the cyberinfrastructure to automate tasks such as organizing data and facilitating its description. Using data from triaxial experiments, we conducted a user evaluation of the geotechnical data model, both for its fitness to real data and for purposes of data understandability during reuse. The results of the evaluation guided testing and selection of the Fedora 4 repository backend to enhance data discovery and reuse.


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Esteva, M., Brandenburg, S., Eslami, M., Adair, A., & Kulasekaran, S. (2016). Modelling natural hazards engineering data to cyberinfrastructure. Proceedings of the SciDataCon 2016. 11-13 September 2016, Denver, Colorado. Texas ScholarWorks doi:10.15781/T2GB1Z39H.