Environmental Analysis of Geo Pressured Geothermal Prospect Areas, Brazoria and Kennedy Counties, Texas

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White, William Allen, 1939-
McGraw, Maryann
Gustavson, Thomas C.

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Here's the revised text with potential OCR misreads fixed and some small adjustments for consistency and readability:

Preliminary environmental data, including current land use, substrate lithology, soils, natural hazards, water resources,biological assemblages, meteorological data, and regulatory considerations, have been collected and analyzed for approximately 150 km² of land: (1) near Chocolate Bayou, Brazoria County, Texas, where a geopressured-geothermal test well is being drilled in 1978, and (2) near the rural community of Armstrong, Kenedy County, Texas, where future geopressured-geothermal test well development may occur. The study was designed to establish an environmental data base and to determine, within spatial constraints set by subsurface reservoir conditions, environmentally suitable sites for geopressured-geothermal wells.

In Brazoria County, preliminary analyses of data revealed the need for focusing on the following areas:

potential for subsidence and fault activation susceptibility of test well and support facilities to fresh- and salt-water flooding possible effects of produced saline waters on biological assemblages and groundwater resources distribution of expansive soils effect of drilling and associated support activities on known archaeological/cultural resources.


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