Impact of the Internet on the Recruitment of Skilled Labor




Haas, Carl T.
Glover, Robert W.
Tucker, Richard L.
Terrien, R. Kevin

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Center for Construction Industry Studies, The University of Texas at Austin


With the explosive growth of the Internet over the last several years and a strong economy with record low unemployment rates, companies are expanding their use of the Internet as a recruitment tool to attract good workers and obtain competitive advantages. Recruitment using the Internet has typically focused on professional, executive and technical positions across many industries; but it is especially widespread in the high technology sector. As the doors of Internet access are opened to more people and as the digital divide shrinks through less expensive computers, Internet service providers, Internet appliances and other Internet access devices, Internet recruitment for many types of jobs and positions across many industries including construction have the potential for increased application and growth. As of the year 2000, construction companies mainly used the Internet for recruitment of professional, executive and administrative staff. The use of the Internet for recruitment of skilled labor and craftsmen was not yet a common practice within the construction industry. Construction companies could expand their Internet recruiting strategies to include the skilled labor workforce to attract good workers and obtain a competitive advantage. This report explores the potential of such a strategy.


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